The team



From the moment he could carry a tennis racket guitar around, music has been central to Brian’s life. He first met Mike in 2013 and he got him his first radio show on Community Radio….and then everything changed. Brian has amassed a huge music collection and people often ask him why music is so important. His stock answer is “music is the only thing in my life that’s never let me down”. Brian presents From The Underworld on Saturdays  from 9pm.

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Mike has been involved in professional radio for over 40 years. Starting at the pioneering Radio Basildon in 1978 then Essex Radio/Breeze AM and many others since. The Music Engine was born on iHeart radio back in 2008 and has been around ever since.  A voice actor, stadium announcer, sports commentator and grandad.

Mike presents The Music Engine Sundays from 8pm and all over the place during lockdown.

Twitter @themikeajones



Music nut since hearing The Beatles Love Me Do in 1962. Keith has played guitar since the age of 15, DJ’d in numerous nightclubs in the mid-80s, and more recently occasionally exchanges emails and original music with his school bandmates. Wearer of distinctive shirts. Partaker of countryside walking. Festival goer in Albert the Campervan.

Keith presents the Sound Axperience Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4pm and Thursdays at 8pm.

 Twitter @axekeith



This was a case of us grabbing him as Richard was a listener who impressed us with his musical knowledge. Richard loves the Northern Soul, Freakbeat & Psychedelic sounds of the 60s and you can find plenty of this on Friday nights  in his Time Machine show, spinning through decades of fab music. With a collection of over 4000 singles there are plenty of B-sides to check-out....

Richard presents The Time Machine on Friday evenings from 8pm

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Matt lives and breathes music. When not doing his day job in the NHS, Matt plays in Southend based band Pale Blue Dot who released 2 records in 2020 (check them out, they are really good!).  A self confessed Beatles obsessive, he loves guitar bands from the 60’s onwards and has a special affection for Britpop. Matt presents Deep Dives on Thursday evenings from 10pm.


Insta/Twitter @thedeepdives